Two Democratic Broome County Legislators held a press conference earlier today to discuss their opposition to the move that closed the Department of Motor Vehicles office on Clinton Street and moved it the Greater Binghamton Transportation Center on Henry Street in Binghamton.  The new DMV office opened this morning.

Anthony Fiala, representing District 13 and Jason Garnar, representing the 14th District questioned the move and said there was never anything voted on to approve it..  They said they knew of the Clinton Street location planned closing but were not informed of a possible move to the Transportation Hub.

Opponents of the move say the reduction in parking spaces is the major issue.  Published reports indicate that there were 28 parking spaces available at the Clinton Street location compared to 18 shared spaces at the new location.  Those spaces are shared with other visitors to the Transportation Hub.

Several businesses have voiced their concern over the parking issue contending that they believe there will be a continual struggle to keep DMV visitors from taking spaces from clients or customers using their lots.

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston has stated the move is designed to save the

WNBF News/ Roger Neel Photo

County money citing a savings of over $17,000 annually in lot space parking rental from Rogers Service Group, Inc.