Only a few, scant new details are emerging from the investigation into the shooting of Johnson City Police Officer David Smith March 31 at Southern Tier Imaging on Harrison Street and the death of his shooter, 43 year old James Clark of Greene during a shootout with another police officer.

Johnson City Police Chief Joseph Zikuski says Clark had no criminal or mental illness history and investigators may never know all the details of what transpired shortly after 7 a.m. at the medical office across from the main entrance to Wilson Medical Center.

Zikuski said it was his belief that Officer Smith was punched by Clark before the officer known by co-workers as D.W. knew he was being attacked.

The Chief said it would probably never be known if Clark managed to pull Smith’s .40 duty weapon from the officer’s holster or if Smith had already pulled his gun to defend himself and Clark grabbed it from him.

Police say Clark was taking one medication but said it was not something that would explain his sudden, violent behavior.

The investigation is continuing.