Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused an MRI technician at Southern Tier Imaging in Johnson City to snap, claim there were explosives in the building across from Wilson Medical Center, struggle with a police officer, shoot the officer to death before shooting at other police.  James Clark of Greene was shot by another officer and died on the operating table.

Officer David Smith, an 18 and a half year veteran of the Johnson City Police Department died within an hour after being shot twice by Clark outside the medical offices on Harrison Street shortly after 7 a.m. March 31.

Police spent a large portion of the day searching Clark's home and vehicle for clues.  Officials say it may take weeks for toxicology results for Clark to come back.  

Clark’s neighbors said they were in shock and described the 43-year old as friendly. Family members told police that Clark had been acting normally in the morning before he left for work.

Residents in neighborhoods around Wilson Hospital, meanwhile, not only expressed shock but many said they were angry that such a thing could happen to one of their police officers.

Both Clark and Smith leave behind a wife and child.

Funeral arrangements have not been completed yet for Officer Smith but the village has lowered flags to half-staff and many other surrounding communities are doing the same in memory of the fallen officer.

A candlelight vigil will be held at 7:30 this evening in front of the Johnson City Police Headquarters.