About 200 customers served by the Kirkwood water system were without water service early today.

Town water supervisor John Finch told WNBF News the problem is the result of a water main break.

The trouble was discovered around 2:30 this morning.

Crews are working to make repairs to the ruptured eight-inch line, which was buried about five feet underground.

Finch said he believes only one business -- a gas station on Route 11 -- was affected by the water outage.

Homes on several Kirkwood streets are without water. Among the streets affected: Trim Street, Zimmer Road, Langdon Park and all of Main Street to the state line.

Finch estimated 75,000 to 100,000 gallons of water was lost until crews isolated the section of the system around the broken line.

The repair work is expected to take several hours to complete.