The CEO of the Goodwill Theatre Project, Inc. Naima Kradjian, speaking on the local, weekly public affairs program, Southern Tier Close Up July 13, says there are exciting developments in the work to restore the Goodwill Theatre building on Willow Street, Johnson City to bring it back to lifer.

After 12 years of hard work, fundraising and promotion, the building recently was declared safe enough to enter and offer public tours.

Kradjian jokes about how the ornate theater had to be not only stabilized, but cleaned of pigeon guano, something the former actress never expected she would be talking about when she was younger, and how she and a group of friends had to quickly learn the ins and outs of becoming a certified not-for-profit, fund-raising and grant-writing.

The Goodwill Theater (or Theatre) was built in 1920 in the Georgian Revival style with money provided by famed local entrepreneur George F. Johnson to be enjoyed by Endicott Johnson employees and residents in the village. It's long, storied history included hosting minstrel shows, boxing matches and, for decades, movies before closing in the 1960s.

The Goodwill Theatre Project also operates the neighboring Shorr's Family Firehouse Stage in a former Johnson City firehouse.

Kradjian talks about upcoming shows and other events to help move the project forward. More information on those events as well as how to set up a tour of the inside of the Goodwill Theatre building can be found by calling (607) 772-2404, Ext. 305 or online at (notice, the English spelling of theatre instead of theater must be used).

Southern Tier Close Up can be heard Saturday afternoons at 12:10 on News Radio 1290 WNBF.