Cortland County Sheriff’s Deputies, the Cortland County Drug Task Force, Homer Police and Cortland University Police say an investigation into methamphetamine possession and laboratories in Cortland County and surrounding counties has ended with the arrests of 15 people.

Authorities swept early in the morning of March 4 and apprehended the suspects for violating a local law prohibiting possession, purchase or attempted purchase of pseudoephedrine in excess of federal limits.

The local law was passed last year.  The law does not make it illegal to buy pseudoephedrine within the allotted limits.

The drug is a main ingredient in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Officials say the investigation is continuing and more arrests and charges are expected.

Arrested in the sting were:

36 year old James Duff, 34 year old Timothy Duff, 24 year old Casey Chorley, 44 year old Clifton Bergman, 44 year old Robert Valazquez, 27 year old Alyce Sivers, 30 year old Scott Fairweather, 39 year old Deborah foster Cullip and 28 year old Erica Northup, all of Cortland, 46 year old Milels Parrotta, who is in the Cortland County Jail, 27 year old todd Linn and 22 yaer old Matthieu Younes, both of Cincinnatus, 22 year old Jentre Bergman of Freeville and 47 year old Renee Powierski and 60 year old Joseph Powierski, both of McGraw.