This is a perfect beverage for all your holiday parties or to warm you up after raking leaves. You can make it non-alcoholic if you like and it's still delicious. This recipe is for a small batch but can ben increased as needed.

Hot Brandied Apple Cider

4 C. apple cider (I prefer the stuff you get from a certain local cider house in Endicott)

1 orange

whole cloves

5 sticks of cinnamon

1 1/2 C. (or more) brandy

Dust off the slow-cooker. You'll not only heat the beverage in the crock-pot, but keep it nice and warm through your whole party.

Poke the whole cloves into the orange, studding it all over, spacing the cloves about a quarter inch or so apart. Place studded orange in the slow cooker along with the sticks of cinnamon and pour in the cider and brandy. Heat on high until hot, then reduce to low to keep warm.