Edward Hickey, a Republican candidate for Binghamton mayor, says the city should step up its efforts to deal with run-down properties.

Hickey plans to discuss the problem of blight with reporters Tuesday in front of the old Masonic Temple building on the city's West Side.

Hickey says he would work to remove abandoned, dangerous structures and implement efforts to try to prevent blight.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Hickey said there are safety issues caused by abandoned buildings throughout the city.

Hickey said as he watched the old Lincoln Hotel burn last week, he concluded most of the city's fires seem to be occurring in structures that are no longer occupied.

Hickey said he believes the city should conduct a fair-market assessment of all properties.

He said the city also ought to enforce vacant building ordinances to keep potentially dangerous situations from developing.

Hickey also said the city should do more to promote efforts by local developers.

Hickey said abandoned buildings pose a risk to neighbors, children and firefighters

Hickey and Richard David have announced they're seeking the Republican nomination to run for mayor.

Teri Rennia is the only announced Democratic candidate.