Dozens of racing greyhounds, ready for retirement, have been transported from the Cross Lanes track in West Virginia, which is located in an area impacted by the chemical contamination of a major drinking water supply.

Monica's Heart Greyhound Adoption is participating in the moving of the dogs through Pennsylvania into New York and Connecticut.

While some areas were advised they could start turning on their taps to flush their systems and use the water, as of January 18, a few of those that had been declared safe were again shut down due to levels of the chemical contamination found to be back up above safe standards.

As the contamination disaster unfolded, over 300,000 people were affect as well as hundreds of restaurants and other businesses and even surgeries at vet offices were shut down.

The amount of lost revenue is being put in the millions of dollars.

Residents in the contamination zone reported grocery stores were completely sold out of anything drinkable including soda, water, milk and ice tea. Many people were collecting rain water in order to be able to bathe.

A greyhound race track not in the contamination area had been shipping in 1,000 gallon containers of water for the dogs at Cross Lanes Track.

A couple that had been fostering retired racers in West Virginia had been driving a half hour to get water for the dogs that need at least ten gallons of water a day to mix with the dog food, not counting their own drinking water needs.

A couple of the dogs from Cross Lanes have set paws in Broome County to start their new lives as family pets, including Indy, who is being fostered in the Whyte House.

Indy looks a little confused in this photo as he has never known 'civilian' life and had only been in a real home for a few hours when the picture was taken.

It's surprising how friendly, calm and affectionate he is. He's just learning the basics of pet life, including interacting with the other dogs and cats, climbing stairs and navigating on slippery floors. He will be available for adoption as soon.

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