As the summer winds down, authorities are again reminding people about safety around the water, just as several Girl Scouts had to be plucked from Cayuga Lake.

Tompkins County authorities say the girls were campers at Camp Comstock and were in a junior sailor program, learning sailing techniques, when the winds kicked up on the lake August 14th, tipping over their boats. Four or five girls were dumped into the water.

A motor boat, canoes and personal watercraft launched from the camp to pick up the girls, who were all wearing life vests. But, the adventure didn't end there.

The motor boat began taking on water and submerged. The campers in the other craft helped keep the girls safe until rescuers could get them back to shore.

One adult and one child were taken to Cayuga Medical Center where they were treated for minor injuries and released.

Emergency Services personnel say the use of the life jackets was instrumental in preventing serious injuries or fatalities.