Funding to be administered through the U.S. Geological Survey is in place to keep 21 high-priority river and stream gages in New York from being taken off-line at the end of the month.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says of those 21 devices, 15 are being given long-term funding.  The remaining six are due to have funding in place at least through next year.  Still, there are some high-priority gages that are not getting federal funds.

Among the 15 to receive the long-term funding are gages on the Susquehanna River at Vestal and near Waverly.

The word of the preservation of funding for the devices comes at the Twin Tiers marks the anniversary of the historic flooding in 2011.

River and stream gages provide authorities with accurate readings of water levels and flow that could result in the issuing of emergency advisories for residents in harm's way.