The former director of the City of Binghamton Department of Parks and Recreation must pay back the money he stole from the city between 2007 and 2012.

72 year old John 'Mokie' Whalen pleaded guilty in Broome County Court to grand larceny and will be sentenced in July.

Under the plea deal, Whalen would have to pay back $79,108.88 before or at sentencing or face up to four years in New York State Prison.

Even if restitution is paid, he could still be sent to the Broome County Jail for six months.

Whalen was accused of taking cash fees that had been collected for recreational programs, using the money to pay his mortgage, car leases, summer home rentals and other items.

The missing money was discovered when a seasonal employee tipped the city off that they were told they couldn’t pay for a uniform shirt with a check and an audit was conducted.

Whalen had been employed by the city for 39 years.

He resigned in November of 2012 and he was charged with grand larceny a year ago.