The thirteen bird figurines that were put in place several weeks ago at Binghamton's ACA Memorial Park site are to be temporarily removed.

Project coordinator David Marsland say the figurines will be inspected by their creator, Rochester-area glass artisan Milon Townsend.

The bird figurines are to be removed from their mounts so they can be examined in Townsend's studio.

Marsland says the inspection will ascertain how the figurines have fared during the winter weather.

Construction at the site at Front and Clinton streets started four months ago. Benches and paving stones are scheduled to be installed next month.

Marsland expects the park will be completed before April 3, which will be the fourth anniversary of the shooting deaths at the American Civic Association building on Front Street.

The bird figurines are to be remounted in a few weeks so they should be in place before the planned spring dedication of the Memorial Park.