The green line along Binghamton's Saint Patrick's Parade route was fading, so a city crew repainted the stripe just hours before the annual celebration.

Mayor Richard David said the original line was painted on Monday as the workers prepared to get the route tidied up for the Saturday parade.

Salt and grime were starting to tarnish the decorative line, so a second line was laid down Friday afternoon.

David said the city was working to ensure that all aspects of the parade were addressed before thousands of people converged along the route to enjoy the festivities.

The mayor said crews will be out in the hours before the parade gets underway to see to it that no trash or recycling materials are cluttering the parade route.

David said while campaigning he heard many complaints after October's Columbus Day parade. He said many people were "very unhappy" with conditions along the route of that parade.

The mayor said he doesn't want people to have a "negative experience" at this weekend's parade. He said he wants visitors from around the area and those from outside the region to have a favorable impression of Binghamton on parade day.