Endicott mayor John Bertoni says staffing options for the police department must be considered as the village works to deal with its financial challenges.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Bertoni said officials are looking at the costs associated with the staffing requirements under the current police contract, which will expire in just over a year.

The mayor said the question is whether the equivalent services can be provided for less.

Bertoni acknowledges his viewpoint regarding law enforcement may not be shared by the police union.

But he's hoping the union representatives will work with the village to come up with a plan that takes into account Endicott's revenue issues.

Bertoni said he doesn't see crime in the village as "rampant." He expressed a hope that steps can be taken to address the cost of law enforcement.

The mayor noted Endicott is not part of the Broome County drug task force. He said he doesn't know the reason for that.

Bertoni also questioned the continued operation of a bomb squad by the village police department. He said he doesn't believe there's a good reason for Endicott to retain the bomb unit.

The mayor said: "Things have to change."