Recent workforce reductions at Endicott Interconnect Technologies have resulted in discussions about the fate of the company.

Current and former workers have reported hundreds of people have lost their jobs at the company in a series of layoffs.

Endicott Interconnect Technologies officials have not responded to requests for information about the staffing cuts.

A woman in the company's human resources office Friday afternoon told WNBF News "no comment" when asked to discuss recent developments.

EIT was established in 2002 after IBM jettisoned its microelectronics unit in a state-financed deal.

State senator Thomas Libous was asked about the future of Endicott Interconnect Technologies onWNBF Radio's Binghamton Nowprogram.

Libous said he was concerned about the future of every business in the region, noting "these are tough times."

The senator said companies are struggling because of the national economy.

Libous recalled the efforts by the state eleven years ago to help save the jobs of 4,000 people who were working at the IBM-Endicott site.

The Binghamton Republican noted "IBM is almost gone, it's not here any more."

Libous said he doesn't know how many people Endicott Interconnect now employs. He said he believes they "probably employ over a thousand people."

Libous said he believes he and Governor George Pataki did the right thing in 2002 in helping to retain jobs in Endicott. He acknowledged that "it's eleven years later, things change."

Libous said he's hopeful about EIT's future. "They've been here for eleven years, I don't see why they won't be here a year from now."

Endicott mayor John Bertoni Friday afternoon told WNBF News he's been contacted by a few people who had been laid off recently by Endicott Interconnect.

Bertoni said some suggested between 100 and 200 people lost their jobs in the latest round of cuts.

The mayor said he wished EIT officials "would have been upfront with us" regarding the recent reductions.

Bertoni said the village and other local officials would try to help the company if possible.

But he conceded it's difficult to provide much assistance when accurate information about the status of Endicott Interconnect Technologies has been impossible to obtain.