Discussion continues in the Village of Endicott about turning over their police agency operations to the Broome County Sheriff's Department.  The Village has been looking at ways to reduce expenses for several years.  That has been amplified by the recent reassessment of the Huron Campus from $150 million to $40 million making a sharp dent in available tax dollars.

Speaking this morning on Binghamton Now on News Radio 1290 WNBF Broome County Sheriff David Harder said under the proposal his department would take over the administration and operation of the Endicott Police Department.  That department would become part of the Sheriff's department.  Harder said their are currently 28 Endicott Police positions that would be transferred to the direction of the Sheriff's Department if the move materializes.

Under the plan Harder would be the administrator and at least one lieutenant would supervise the day to day scheduling and operation of the Endicott force. According to Harder those assigned to Endicott would continue to work in the Village.  The only personnel loss projected would be the Endicott Police Chief and perhaps other admininstrators.  Both Harder and Endicott Village officials have estimated yearly savings to the Village of $200,000.

The Village board tabled the proposal until the next meeting set for June11.  Endicott's current police budget is about $5 million.