A local cinema has been saved from being shuttered by a stroke of good luck.

The Cinema Saver in Endicott, which has been in operation since 1993, was in serious financial trouble as small, locally-owned cinemas across the country are being forced to update to digital technology.

Cinema Saver has been desperately trying to raise funds to purchase the equipment necessary for the required digital conversion if the cinema wants to continue to show Hollywood movies.

On Monday, January 14th,  non-profit organization Save America's Cinemas held an event in Miami, Florida in an effort to bring light to the struggles that small cinemas in America are facing with upgrading their equipment.

Movie stars attended the event and shared their memories of the small cinemas and theaters in their hometowns and how important they are to the culture of America.

A lottery-style drawing was held and the Cinema Saver was picked as one of six small cinemas nationwide that will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for upgrades.

Rachel Daddezio, owner of the Cinema Saver said she was very grateful for Save America's Cinemas and for all that they are doing to help save neighborhood theaters like hers.

The funds will allow the Cinema Saver to continue to be a staple in Endicott and show Hollywood movies for years to come.

Thousands of other small theaters are still in danger of being closed because they cannot afford these upgrades.  To find out how you can help you can visit the Save America's Cinemas website by clicking HERE.