A Troy, Pennsylvania woman literally "dropped" an incoming cell phone call and was injured when her car and a pickup truck collided.  Pennsylvania state police say 43 year old Michele Robbins was droving on state route 14 shortly after 7:30 September 20th when she dropped her cell phone onto the floor of her vehicle as she attempted to answer it.  When she tried to retrieve the phone, her car traveled into the opposite lane into the path of the truck driven by 59 year old Kurt Neufer of South Williamsport.  He swerved to the left, but his truck collided with the right front passenger area of Robbins' car, spinning it 70 degrees clockwise.  The car came to rest completely blocking the northbound and part of the southbound lanes.  The truck spun around 190 degrees and came to rest in the western berm.  Neufer wasn't hurt, but Robbins was taken by ambulance to Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre.