Transportation planners in the Southern Tier are working to help motorists and bicyclists safely share area roadways.

New signs have been installed along Riverside Drive in Johnson City alerting drivers that those on bikes may utilize a full lane.

The signs recently went up between the Binghamton city line and the roundabout at the Route 201 flyover.

A designated bike lane was incorporated on the section of Riverside Drive as part of an improvement project a few years ago.

But some pavement marking changes are expected to be made soon to make the road safer for both vehicles and cyclists.

The revised markings and lane designations should help drivers near the entrance to Davis College on Riverside Drive.

Scott Reigle, a senior transportation planner for the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study, says people can expect to see some new lane markings throughout the region in the future.

Reigle told WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program that shared lane pavement markings will be appearing in some areas.

Reigle said those markings can be used on roadways that can't accomodate a full bicycle lane.

The new designations now appear on part of Park Avenue on Binghamton's South Side.

Reigle said city officials also have indicated they plan to put shared lane markings on sections of Conklin Avenue and Robinson Street in the months ahead.