City of Binghamton planning panels have given additional approvals to parts of a downtown project that's been reworked following a 2010 fire.

Developer Lawrence Gladstone has proposed putting student housing and some commercial space in adjacent properties that were once part of the Midtown Mall complex.

The University Lofts project would include parcels on Court Street, Chenango Street and Commercial Alley. It's expected to include 76 units with 180 bedrooms for student housing.

City planner Patrick Day says the planning commission has given partial approval to allow work to begin on the Court Street section of the project.

The zoning board of appeals has issued a variance that was needed because of parking issues related to new construction that's planned at the site.

Day said the planning commission could give final approval for the project at its June 3 meeting.

Day said Gladstone has indicated he "wants to get going as soon as possible" on the project.

A December 2010 fire ripped through the eastern section of the project site.