The new diagonal "back-in" parking spaces on Court Street in downtown Binghamton are being routinely ignored by some drivers, more than three weeks after the pavement markings were completed.

One recent inspection of the spaces on Court between State and Washington streets showed four out of five vehicles were illegally parked.

Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan said he believes people have to get acclimated to the revised back-in angle system.

In terms of signalling, stopping and backing up, Ryan said it's just like parallel parking.

The mayor said the back-in format was used in the past on Court Street.

A Binghamton Now listener told the mayor there are some problems with handicapped spaces in the diagonal parking areas.

The listener said if a van equipped with a lift uses one of the newly-designated handicapped spaces, the sidewalk is in the way of a person who would use the vehicle's lift.

In order for a passenger to exit the van, the vehicle must be moved to the point where it's almost interfering with Court Street traffic.

The listener said he had discussed the concern with a city engineer who indicated the issue would be investigated.

Mayor Ryan noted some people had expressed concerns when diagonal parking was implemented on a section of Hawley Street near the Government Plaza. But he said most people now appear to have adapted to the changes in that area.

Ryan acknowledged "there's always a learning curve" for new situations. He also indicated city officials will work to address the logistical problems that may affect those parking in the designated handicapped spaces.