With summer quickly approaching, the number of bat and human encounters is sure to rise.  The Broome County Health Department is asking everyone to adhere to the following when it comes to bat exposure and rabies:

  • Potential exposure of the rabies virus by way of bats can be limited by vaccinating your animals as well as maintaining the exterior of your home.
  • The need for rabies post-exposure treatment after an encounter with a bat can be minimized by safely containing and testing a bat.  DO NOT RELEASE THE BAT!
  • Bats can safely be collected by wearing gloves and using a coffee can or similar container and a piece of cardboard.  Take care to prevent further exposure to the animal and to prevent damage to the bat's head.  Call the health department right away after capture (778-2847).
  • Call animal control if you are not willing to capture the bat.  Just remember not to release it!

For more information, please visit the Broome County Health Department's website by clicking HERE and then clicking on "Rabies."

Here is a video on how to properly capture a bat.