A New York State Supreme Court judge is holding off a decision on whether a liquor license granted to a giant liquor store being built next to Wegmans Grocery Store in Johnson City was improperly approved. 

Arguments were heard January 15 by Judge Ferris Lebous, who did not say when he would issue a decision.

The owner of Oakdale Wine and Liquor, which is located just yards away from the new development on Harry L. Drive, filed the suit centered on a state law that bans an individual from holding more than one liquor license.

Wegmans sells wine in some stores outside of New York State and has its own Vodka brand.

Representatives of Johnson City Wine Partners, of which the brother-in-law of Wegmans CEO Danny Wegman is an 80% owner, say the new store has no connection with the supermarket, other than being located in the same plaza.