Mayor-elect Rich David says he's working to assemble an executive management team for Binghamton City Hall.

David, a Republican who last week defeated Democratic challenger Teri Rennia, is considering candidates to fill 16 positions. He'll be sworn in as mayor January 1.

In a statement released Monday, David said he would "cast a wide net" to find the most experienced people to oversee city departments.

The next mayor said he's started to meet with current department heads. He said he'll advise those who won't be asked to remain in their positions so "they have as much time as possible" to seek new jobs.

David said department heads who want to stay on may apply for their current position or other City Hall jobs.

David said resumes may be sent to his Friends to Elect Rich David campaign and transition office at 81 State Street, Second Floor, Suite B, Binghamton, NY 13901.

Resumes are being accepted for these positions. The salaries listed are those contained in next year's city budget.

Executive Assistant to the Mayor - $49,295
Comptroller - $69,128
Deputy Comptroller – $44,094
Treasurer - $44,949
Corporation Counsel - $80,546
1st Assistant Corporation Counsel - $68,366
Secretary to Corporation Counsel - $30,641
Personnel & Safety Director - $71,394
City Engineer - $88,831
Public Works Commissioner - $74,263
1st Deputy Commissioner of Public Works - $55,231
2nd Deputy Commissioner of Public Works - $52,020
Chief Information Officer - $60,000 (funded effective 6/1/14)
Director of Economic Development - $55,080
Director of Planning, Housing and Community Development - $56, 358
Director of Parks & Recreation - $57,367