Richard David, a Republican mayoral candidate, is calling for improvements to the downtown Binghamton roundabout.

The roundabout opened to traffic nearly nine months ago. Last Tuesday, a tractor-trailer knocked down a pedestrian warning sign and several fence posts at Chenango and Court streets. Sidewalk bricks also were damaged.

Mayor Matthew Ryan suggested the problem in that incident appeared to be driver inattention or inexperience. He said the roundabout design wasn't responsible.

But David says the roundabout is too small, making it difficult to navigate for drivers of some tractor-trailers and large emergency vehicles.

David says he's spoken to some local engineers about the matter. He says changes could be made to address some of the roundabout issues.

One recommendation he's making is flattening the truck apron to make it easier for large vehicles to navigate the circle.

David also suggests more yellow striping to make the roundabout boundaries more clear.

David says the needs of pedestrians, especially those who are older or visually impaired, should be examined. He says the Binghamton roundabout does not address those issues.