Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories for the region have been lifted early but The National Weather Service in Binghamton and Broome County Emergency Services officials are keeping an eye on area rivers for the potential for ice jams and flooding.

Flooding was reported yesterday into early this morning due to an ice jam in the Chenango River near the Route 12A bridge, Penninsula Drive and Whitcomb Road as well as the lower end of Route 369 in Chenango Bridge and Port Crane.

Officials in Chenango County also reported a couple areas where water was flowing over roads.

Authorities said, for the most part, it appeared the rivers had crested and were starting to go down slowly.

Still, residents in flood prone areas are encouraged to keep a close watch on water levels in spots where ice jams are common.

While the Southern Tier and Central New York got less ice and snow than it could have from the latest fast-moving and changeable storm, there are still strong winds causing some blowing and drifting as well as the potential for dangerous wind chills.

NOAA overnight issued a wind chill advisory through 11 a.m. March 13 for the region with strong, gusty winds driving wind chills far below zero.  Those wind chills could present a danger of frost bite and hypothermia if people aren’t properly covered up.