The possible combining of two rival Broome County school districts is getting further discussion.

For years, there had been talk of the Chenango Forks and Chenango Valley districts joining.

Tuesday, residents, school staff, students and community leaders met the with consultants to talk about a merger study. In addition to the consultants, there are 24 community members on the advisory board, 12 from each district.

The districts got a $45, 000 New York State grant in October to look into the pros and cons of a merger. Supporters are looking at cost savings and some program enhancements, including a stronger sports program. Opponents are balking at resulting job losses, larger class sizes and the loss of the individual district identities.

A report is due to be submitted to the state July first. If a merger is recommended, residents would hold an up or down vote with the next step after that the start of re-organization in the summer of 2014 if the residents move the idea forward.