New York State Police say they have shut down a methamphetamine laboratory in Castle Creek. 

Troopers and the Vestal Police raided a mobile home on Route 11 following a three week investigation into meth sale and manufacture. 

25 year old Caleb McNeilly, 33 year old Brad Gates and 27 year old Nathan Pixley, who all shared the residents on Lot 15, were all charged following the raid.

Authorities say when they descended on the home, all three men tried to flee.

McNeilly and Gates were immediately taken into custody.

Pixley ran off and was tracked by New York State Police K9, J.D.  He was found about a quarter mile from the residence.

The State Police Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team dismantled the lab and removed the hazardous materials from the site.

Investigators say they found about 8 ounces of liquid methamphetamine, 2.5 grams of powder methamphetamine, a scale, surveillance camera, cell phones, a loaded 20 gage shotgun, a loaded .22 caliber rifle and a number of various chemicals and other items used in the manufacture of meth.

The three men were taken to the Broome County Jail.