More accolades are received for Binghamton University.  In the latest rankings from U.S.News and World Report BU is rated in a tie for 86th place on the "Best National University List".  The move is three spots better than in last year's list when Binghamton was ranked 89th. In the recently released report U.S.News and World Report ranks Binghamton University in a tie for the 86th position with the University of Denver, University of San Diego, Tulsa University, Indiana University-Bloomington and Marquette.  The number one- rated school is Princeton with the second-best Harvard University. Binghamton made the nation's Top-100 list in Schools for Veterans.  In that category BU is picked as the nation's 53rd best.  Binghamton is the highest rated school in the state's SUNY System. U.S.News and World Report uses as many as 15 different criteria in judging the rankings compiled in their publication.