Bryan Steinhauer was badly injured when he was attacked in a downtown Binghamton bar in May 2008. Steinhauer was assaulted by a fellow Binghamton University student and two other men.

Steinhauer, who now is 26, has made great strides in recovering following the brutal beating at the Rathskeller.

On Saint Patrick's Day, Steinhauer ran in the New York City half marathon. It took him just over two hours, fifteen minutes to run the 13.1-mile course.

Steinhauer isn't done running. He's planning to run a full marathon in New York City in November.

But before that, he plans to return to Binghamton to run another half marathon.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Steinhauer said he's looking forward to participating in the Binghamton event, which is scheduled for May 5 in conjunction with the annual Bridge Run.

That weekend is significant because it coincides with the anniversary of the May 4, 2008, attack that left Steinhauer in a coma.

Steinhauer said he wants to share his "success story" in Binghamton five years after he was seriously hurt.

Steinhauer credits the "great support" he's received from family, friends and doctors for helping him overcome adversity following the bar assault.

Steinhauer said he hopes to be a force to encourage others to recover from injuries similar to those he sustained.

Steinhauer is working to raise money through the Minds Over Matter fund to help young people with brain injuries.