Several hundred people in Broome County have had the flu in recent months.

Mari Yourdon of the Broome County Health Department says flu activity has been declining.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Yourdon said the department recorded only three new influenza cases last week.

The number of local flu cases has been tracked since 2004.

Yourdon said the 667 cases reported this flu season represent a record number for the county. The total cases for the season likely will rise somewhat in the next few weeks.

Broome County flu activity peaked just before Christmas. Yourdon said the highest number of cases was recorded during the week ending December 22.

Yourdon said the number of cases this season even exceeded the total number reported locally during the pandemic flu season of 2009.

Yourdon said even though flu activity appears to have peaked, people should not become complacent. She noted it is possible for a community to have two peaks during a flu season.

There's no requirement that adult flu deaths be reported. Flu deaths involving children are reported.

No flu-related deaths of children have been reported during the current season in Broome County. But the latest state numbers indicate six children have died as a result of flu in New York since October.