Broome County Executive Debra Preston says she will be traveling to New York City in preparation for surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center May 12 as part of her treatment for lung cancer.

Preston announced her cancer diagnosis April 24th.

The Republican posted on her face book page that the upper left lobe of her lung will be removed.

Preston said she expected to be in the hospital most of the week with more recuperation after returning home.

She said, while in the hospital and recovering at home, she would use Skype and other technology to participate in meetings and other county business and communicate with her staff.

The Executive also expressed her gratitude for the support and warm wishes she has received since publicizing that she had lung cancer.

Preston had said doctors told her that her cancer was very treatable.

The disease was found when Preston had undergone pre-surgery screenings in preparation for a minor procedure on her foot and the tests came back with abnormal results.