The precision excavation work using explosive charges at the Interstate 81-Route 17 project in Binghamton has ended for this year.

The blasting operations at the Prospect Mountain site started on June 20th.

Although electronic signs and news alerts warned drivers of possible lengthy delays due to blasting, few significant traffic problems occurred over the past three months.

State police patrols instituted rolling slowdowns for several minutes around scheduled blasting operations.

David Hamburg, a spokesman for the New York State Department of Transportation, told WNBF News use of explosive charges for excavation work at Prospect Mountain will resume next construction season.

Hamburg said rock and material removed from the site is being used as fill for embankments and temporary access roads for construction vehicles.

The material also is to be used for the project's second phase, which is to start in 2015.

Hamburg said construction work on the $135 million dollar project will continue this fall as long as weather conditions permit.