The decorations are in place in downtown Binghamton. The only thing that seems to be missing is snow.

The region usually receives more than a foot of snow during the fall. But this year is different.

Dave Nicosia, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service at Greater Binghamton Airport, says we've experienced a below-average snowfall.

The official numbers at the Weather Service show 4.9 inches of snow over the last few weeks. Nicosia says that's 11.5 inches below the average amount by this date.

Nicosia told WNBF News that the big weather story has been the temperature.

Nicosia said it's been "really warm" compared to the seasonal average.

The average temperature for December so far this year has been 36.9 degrees. That's 7.7 degrees above the long-term normal.

December's been warmer than November, when the average Binghamton temperature was 36.1 degrees.

But the above-normal temperatures and the below-normal snowfall may be coming to an end.

Nicosia said a cold front is expected to pass through the region Friday and that should usher in a "more wintry" weather pattern.

As for a white Christmas for the Twin Tiers? Nicosia said there's a better chance of snow for Christmas Day on the hills north of Binghamton, where there likely will be some lake-effect snow accumulation. Valley areas may wind up with little, if any, snow for Christmas.

Winter officially arrives at 6:12 Friday morning.