Binghamton’s Mayor and City Council President are having a disagreement over repairing the city’s streets.

Mayor Richard David had proposed redirecting some funds toward fixing the streets but Council President Teri Rennia said the Republican was looking to recklessly take money away from public safety.

Democrats on council are also questioning the work of Public Works Commissioner Gary Holmes.  The lawmakers said they were concerned that more than $120 million in ongoing investments could be at risk due to what they called a “lack of planning and direction” by Holmes.

Still, council agreed to shift some more money to pothole repair while criticizing the Commissioner for continuing to revise the street repair priority list even during the council meeting.

The Mayor responded to the news release issued by Rennia, saying he felt it was more important to fix as many broken streets as possible that to get a new fire truck.  The Mayor called the flap “a difference of opinion.”