The City of Binghamton is poised to start a major bridge reconstruction that had been delayed for weeks.

The $3 million of the Exchange Street Bridge was supposed to start in the spring and now is expected to get started in the next few weeks in August or September.

80% of the cost of the project, that includes a replacement of the concrete bridge deck and the deteriorated structural portions, is being covered by federal funding, 15% by the state and the City picking up the remaining $150,000 cost.

While the deck work is being done, traffic will be detoured onto the State Street Bridge.

The major construction work is expected to flow into November.

Due to the cold weather, the painting of the span will be delayed for several months.  That final portion of the project is not expected to get underway until spring.

City and New York State Department of Transportation officials say the Exchange Street Bridge had been rated the lowest of the 12 bridges maintained by the City.

Bridges are rated between 1 and 7 with 7 being the best.

Ratings below 5 indicate the span is not considered structurally sufficient.

The Exchange Street Bridge was rated 3.97.