Motorists traveling on Clinton Street between downtown and Front Street may want to slow down a bit for the next few months.

Expansion joints on the Clinton Street bridge have deteriorated and the ride's become rougher than usual for the thousands of drivers who use the span each day.

Signs advising caution have been erected on both ends of the bridge to alert vehicle operators to the condition.

The signs are especially important for plow truck drivers when clearing snow. A plow blade could sustain damage if it's too close to the surface while crossing one of the expansion joints.

City engineer Philip Krey told WNBF News that although some temporary measures have been taken to deal with the issue, repair work likely won't get underway until the spring.

Krey said there had been discussion of putting installing metal plates over the bridge joints to address the condition but there was concern they would shift from vehicles going over them or from plows striking them.

Krey said he hopes the bridge deck surface can receive some additional work in the coming months.