Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Students, faculty and staff are back in the Calvin Coolidge Elementary School on Binghamton's East Side after being relocated since the beginning of the school year due to the discovery of disturbed asbestos. City school district officials say staff spent part of their holiday weekend getting the school ready for reopening.

Due to the nature of the asbestos contamination, some of the school’s books and equipment had to be replaced since they could not be effectively cleaned.

The asbestos in a crawl space in the basement of the Robinson Street school was found in July and air samples taken in August were found to contain asbestos at unsafe levels. 

Sunstream Corporation of Binghamton began the asbestos removal project August 17th.

During the cleaning, students and staff were dispersed to the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary, Woodrow Wilson Elementary, East Middle School and the former Columbus School.