Binghamton University students observed the end of another academic year with the traditional Bar Crawl from the West Side to downtown.

Sections of Court and State streets were closed to vehicles to accommodate the crowds of celebrants.

City police officers were posted along Main Street, Court Street and State Street to monitor activities.

Police worked to keep beer-imbibing students from rooftop celebrations on some downtown apartment buildings.

Special activity areas and food vendors were located on Court Street to provide some alcohol-free alternatives to students.

Binghamton bar crawls sometimes have resulted in several arrests for disorderly conduct, public drinking and other infractions.

In 2006, then-SUNY Chancellor John Ryan infuriated some Binghamton University students when he told WNBF News that he believed the Bar Crawl should be "done away with."

Following the interview, a SUNY spokeswoman issued a statement that traditions "like the bar crawl in Binghamton ... are not healthy and do not reflect the kind of values that SUNY tries to instill in its students."

Despite those discouraging words several years ago, the tradition has continued.

City officials have said there's not much that could be done to stop it. Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan has expressed support for the event, although he's urged students to celebrate responsibly.