Hazing allegations involving Binghamton University students are examined in a front page story in Wednesday's New York Times.

The piece by Peter Applebome follows up on the hazing scandal during the past school year that prompted a suspension of pledging activities for all fraternities and sororities.

Carlos de Andres/Getty Images

The newspaper reviewed reports it obtained detailing hazing complaints received by the Binghamton University administration.

According to The Times, one anonymous student claimed in an e-mail: "I was hosed, waterboarded, force-fed disgusting mixtures of food, went through physical exercises until I passed out, and crawled around outside in my boxers to the point where my stomach, elbows, thighs and knees are filled with cuts, scrapes and bruises."

The story suggested the complaints it reviewed indicated students, parents and alumni were "essentially begging the university to" crack down on hazing.

According to the newspaper, Binghamton University officials would not say whether individual students had been disciplined. They did say three of the 53 school-sanctioned Greek organizations were banned from recruiting members.

By late Wednesday afternoon, the story had elicited more than 300 comments on The New York Times website.