Binghamton University's student enrollment has been growing steadily in recent years and that trend is expected to continue.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

University President Harvey Stenger says the goal is to boost enrollment to 20,000 students by the year 2020.

Stenger described a program to reach that target in his State of the University address Friday afternoon.

The president said the effort is designed to attract and retain qualified graduate students.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Binghamton University's enrollment has risen to more than 16,000 students. That's up from about 14,000 students in 2011.

Officials project enrollment will exceed 17,000 by 2016 as a result of ongoing efforts to boost the student population.

The university expects to add 180 faculty members and 180 teaching assistants over the next few years. More than 100 additional staff members also are to be hired.

Stenger said meeting the 20,000-student enrollment goal will be "hard, rewarding work." But he said Binghamton University can hit that target.