Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger says most of the quotes in recent news stories about hazing involving Binghamton students included quotes that were "taken out of context, second-hand and anonymous."

Stenger today released a letter addressed to students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, colleagues and friends of the university.

In the message, Stenger acknowledged a series of media reports about hazing allegations that prompted administrators to take action last April to temporarily shut down recruitment by fraternities and sororities.

The most prominent article was an above-the-fold front page story in last Wednesday's New York Times.

That story detailed anonymous allegations indicating a student claimed he had been subjected to "waterboarding."

Stenger said criticism directed at Binghamton University, whether it's deserved or not, "hurts and disappoints" members of the university community.

In his statement, Stenger was blunt, saying: "Hazing must stop at Binghamton University."

The president praised Friday's anti-hazing rally held on the Vestal campus. He described it as a postive first step toward stopping hazing and "developing true traditions to pass on to new members."

Stenger said he will be "strict and swift" to do what he can to prevent dangerous situations and injury to any students.