An aerial survey is planned to determine the deer population on the Binghamton University campus in the town of Vestal.

University president Harvey Stenger says infrared cameras will be used when a flyover is conducted over the nature preserve and some of the surrounding areas.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Stenger said the survey should provide a "very accurate count" of the deer on the campus.

Stenger said the data will be reviewed as the university assesses options to address the deer overpopulation issue.

Binghamton University's plan to cull at least 50 deer ignited controversy and prompted a legal challenge.

A state court ruled the university had not complied with regulations to obtain approval for the project, so the culling plan was put on hold.

Stenger said after reviewing the deer population information, the university will move to apply for authorization for a cull for next year if "we think it will be effective."

Stenger said he believed the aerial survey will utilize an airplane. He said advance notice will be provided so nearby residents won't be alarmed by low-flying aircraft they might see around the university when the project gets underway.

The work from the air could take place soon. The scheduling will depend on weather conditions.

In addition to providing information about the deer population, Stenger said the infrared imaging used during the aerial survey will help determine whether there's any energy leakage from university buildings.