Enrollment's up for the fall semester at Binghamton University as the school has added dozens of instructors.

President Harvey Stenger says about 500 more students have been added. Most of the additional enrollment consists of undergraduate students.

Speaking on Friday's Binghamton Now program on WNBF Radio, Stenger said close to 50 faculty members have been hired recently. He said about 20 of those were for positions that had become vacant due to retirements and other reasons.

Stenger said as part of the NYSUNY 2020 plan, the goal will be a net faculty increase of about 150 over the next five years.

The president said the addition of new instructors is "a great thing to have." He noted the hirings bring "new faces, new voices, new ideas" to Binghamton University's classrooms and labs.

Total enrollment for the fall semester is about 15,400. Stenger said 90 to 95 percent of those are full-time students.