A Binghamton teen will be on parole for three years after serving three years in prison for the robbery of the Ruby and Sons Jewelry Store on Upper Front Street in the Town of Chenango January 25th.

Authorities say 18 year old Ty Tumminia displayed what appeared to be a bomb and threatened to detonate it if he didn’t get jewelry.

Over $1,000 worth of jewelry was taken in the heist.  There were no injuries.

Tumminia pleaded guilty in June to felony placing a false bomb or hazardous substance.

He had been indicted in March on felony counts of robbery, placing a false bomb and grand larceny.

Sheriff’s deputies found the discarded device in a duffle bag a short way from the robbery scene and it was later found the item was not an explosive.

Tumminia was arrested about three days later in the Town of Dickinson.