Several Binghamton property owners are being warned to deal with ongoing criminal activity or prepare to have their buildings locked down.

Mayor Richard David says warning letters have been sent to owners advising them that their properties are "lockdown candidates."

According to the mayor, police have been called to the properties more than 135 times over the past year.

The properties that may be locked down are: 12 Crandall Street, 33 Edwards Street, 103 Park Street, 105 Pennsylvania Avenue and 13 Vine Street.

David says police have been called to deal with repeated criminal activity or disturbances.

Owners who receive warning letters about their properties will be given an opportunity to submit and comply with a "corrective action plan." The city will monitor the troubled properties for compliance. City officials will file a court complaint if problems persist.

Properties with persistent problems could be ordered closed for up to one year.

The city last month locked down the 17 East nightclub at 348 Clinton Street after law enforcement officials said it was the scene of drug trafficking and gang activity.