Binghamton Mayor Richard David says the City can brighten the streets at night and save money by replacing the current street light bulbs with LED lights.

The City is advertising for proposals from firms that can convert the municipal street lights and replace old water meters. Proposals will be accepted until June 25 to the Board of Contract & Supply through Michael Dervay, Purchasing Director on the 2nd floor of Binghamton City Hall.

The Mayor’s office says the City spent about $1.47 million in energy expenses last year with $534,751 specifically for street lighting.

The administration estimates converting about 7,000 street lights to the LED technology is estimated to cost four million dollars but save thousands of dollars a year in spent energy and bulb replacement, making up for the cost of the conversion.

Officials add that LED lights, while brighter than incandescent bulbs, would shine directly down, resulting in less light shining into residents’ homes.

The City is also taking proposals for a second project to replace about 14,400 water meters at one time at an estimated cost of $7 million in order to improve the accuracy of water use metering.