A Brooklyn teen is facing several charges in connection with a shooting and a brief standoff with police and swat teams on Binghamton's Northside June 12.

Police say 17 year old Dajhoun Perez argued with a 21 year old man whom he knew at the Town and Country Apartments at Robert and Virgil Streets and allegedly shot the man in the leg.

Perez was arrested at a house a short distance away after police and swat teams moved into the neighborhood.

Some neighbors were evacuated during the search for a suspect and the nearby Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School kept students about ten minutes past the normal dismissal time until police deemed the area safe.

Perez is charged with two counts of attempted murder, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon.

The investigation is continuing. Police say they have recovered a weapon and shell casings, but have said they don't know how the teen came into possession of the gun.