The New York State Education Department has yet to approve plans for a new MacArthur Elementary School on Binghamton's South Side.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

School superintendent Marion Martinez says she's a "little frustrated" that the major project remains on hold until it receives final authorization from Albany.

The original school on Vestal Avenue was demolished last year because it sustained heavy damage in the 2011 flood.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Martinez said the design of the new school is "unique." She said architects have incorporated "very sophisticated systems" into the design.

The superintendent said state education officials are doing their due diligence in seeking "complete clarification" regarding some aspects of the project plans.

Martinez said the district is "very anxious" to obtain the OK from the department so construction can start.

The school district has been aiming to move students into the new MacArthur building in the fall of next year.

The superintendent said she remains optimistic that the original target date can be met. She said the school district may receive more information from the Education Department next week.

Martinez suggested there's a possibility the district could take control of the new school in August 2015 if the classrooms and cafeteria are completed. She indicated classes could start at MacArthur even if the gymnasium hasn't been finished.

MacArthur students have been attending classes at two other locations since the flood.